Server Start Example - Im my example I have the server on E: drive

@Echo Off
Echo Running Unreal Tournament Server instance uts1
Title UT99server
cd \UnrealTournamentServer\System
ucc server DM-!!{dFb}!!IronMan.unr?game=Botpack.DeathMatchPlus?mutator=MapVoteLA13.BDBMapVote ini=UnrealTournament.ini
copy server.log servercrash.log
goto top


Server Stop Example

@Echo Off
taskkill /fi "Windowtitle eq UT99server" /im cmd.exe

By giving the start .bat a title name your able to use taskkill in the stop .bat and have it look for the title name, in this case UT99server and then it kills the cmd window with that name.


You can even restart the server by doing something like this

@Echo Off
taskkill /fi /im UCC.exe

You have to have the :top and goto top in the start .bat file or this will not work. Seems weird to taskkill to restart but it works. :D