UT99 {dFb} JB-JailBreak Maps
JB-!!!{dFb}-X-Mas-2012: This is a Christmas themed JB map, It's based off the original CTF face and JB map but it's been completely changed and it's geared more towards sniping. So instead of two buildings facing each other it's two x-mas trees. The Arena should prove to be fun as I've added a snowball gun to it and that's the only weapon you spawn into the arena with so you have to use it. I hope anyone who plays JailBreak will like the map. Download Now!

UT99 {dFb} DM-Original Maps
DM-!!{dFb}-IronMan: {dFb}Vanquisher - A great midsized sniper map. Fighting takes place in Tony Stark's basement and you should recognize some of the objects and such from the movies. So please feel free to download and give this map a try. We hope you will enjoy!
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DM-!!{dFb}-CadallicRanch: {dFb}Pipe - The map is an EXTREMELY HUGE sniper/camper style and I have to say it's got to be the biggest map ever created. It plays fantastic and looks absolutely beautiful! If you run a sniper server this map is a must!
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DM-!!{dFb}-BuzzKill: New ChainSaw Massacre Map. The only weapon you have is a Chainsaw! Can you survive the {dFb} Chainsaw Massacre?
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DM-!!{dFb}-X-Loc-Madness and Mini: With all weapons removed you can telefrag the fuck out of everyone in X-Loc-Madness X-Loc-Mini is same map but 10x smaller and it's insane! Both maps included.
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DM-!!{dFb}-CampGrounds: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - Good sized map for sniper style play with lots of great places to hide.
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DM-!!{dFb}-MooseKnuckleCabin: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - Good sized map for sniper style play with lots of great places to hide.
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DM-{dFb}-Mattie's Carwash: By: {dFb}MattMan - A very large map based on the real Mattie's Car Wash www.mattiescarwash.com
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DM-!!{dFb}-PartyRock_Xmas: Christmas map by:{dFb}Pipe. It is based upon the real life Christmas light show of 2011 that Pipe himself setup at his home. A really nice and fun sniper style map.
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DM-{dFb}-Sniper-Xmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is a good sized map with lots of good places to hide and snipe from. There are also a few surprises for you to find! Download Now!
DM-{dFb}-ToxicsLivingRoom: This is {dFb}Toxic's Map. It's a midsized living room. Try it out.
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DM-{dFb}-Magickal(Hide Away)v2: By: {dFb}MattMan - v2 of this map is pretty much the same as the original except there are now more places to hide and snipe from .This is a good sized map with a few surprises for you to find! Download Now!
DM-{dFb}-DeemerHell v2: By: {dFb}MattMan - DM-{dFb}-DeemerHell has been redone to now include the {dFb} custom deemers and it should also work on most servers. Take a break from sniping with this fun ass map. Your only weapon is a ReDemeer! If you're looking for something a little different and something that is fun as hell to play you have to try this one out!! Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-SniperArcade: By: {dFb}MattMan - Great sniper map, big and dark. Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-StraightClubin: Released by {dFb}Vanquisher this is really a great sniper map. The picture does not do it justice at all. You'll see what I mean when you try it out! Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-Mattie's-Diner: By: {dFb}MattMan - This is a midsized map set in a diner type atmosphere. Game play can take place inside the diner or outside. Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-CarLot: This is a good size map and makes for good game play everytime. You're fighting it out in a car dealership surrounded by Hummers. Realy cool map by our one and only PostMan aka {dFb}Vanquisher. Download Now!
DM-{dFb}-Scarface: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - Larger map, sniper style. Inspired by the movie. What else can I say, it's AWESOME! Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-SaloonSniper: By: {dFb}MattMan - This is a nice sniper map, Get it! Set in a old western style bar.Download Now!
DM-{dFb}-House-Of-Pain: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - Great Map! larger, sniper style. Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-InDaCrib: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - An awesome looking and well playing sniper map! Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-Library: By: {dFb}MattMan - An extreme sniper camper map. You're in a large Library and nothing but books and more books! Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-SubwaySniper: By: {dFb}Vanquisher - This map may look like something you have seen before but it was completely made from scratch. A good fast paced sniper map. Download Now!

UT99 {dFb} DM-Remix Maps
DM-!!{dFb}-MtnViewLibraryReMix: A remix of the original MtnViewLibrary except now it's a little larger and more stuff added in. Midsized map. Download Now!
DM-!!{dFb}-TelefragArena: This has always been a fun map if you allow telefragging on your server. A remake of Baba's original. Download Now!

UT99 {dFb} CTF-Maps
CTF-!!{dfb}AFrozenAfair!: This map kicks ass, nice sized CTF map! Download Now!

{dFb} UT2k4 Maps
DM-!!{dFb}-OpenArena: {dFb}-OpenArena and is a large open arena and should prove to be a very fun map for gamestyles such as Binstagib, instagib, and Binslayer. Download Now!

{dFb} UT3 VCTF Maps
VCTF-Atari Tank Plus: An awesome VCTF map made by {dFb}0skillz based on the Atari Combat map but completly rebuilt from scratch and a few new areas to explore. Much better than the original. Try it out! Download Now!