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What you will need
1: Swap Magic retail DVD disc (I used v2.0 new version would be better) Most likely other swap type disks will work as well.
2: uLaunchElf 4.28 DVD (link below - burn at 4X) and FreeMCboot1.8_Package
3: USB flash drive /8GB flash drives do not seem to work. (I used 1GB PNY)
4: PS2 Memory Card
5. PlayStation 2 Original or Slim (I used Original v5)

This guide is very simple. If you just want to get McBoot installed without all the confusion then this is it. You can google later on about all that can be done with it.

1. Extract the files from the FreeMCboot 1.8 package onto the root of your USB drive. (INSTALL folder + FREE_MCBOOT.ELF)
2. Place the USB drive into the USB port on your ps2.
3. Load your Swap Magic DVD
4. Swap disc with uLaunchElf 4.28 (You need to burn the iso to a blank DVD-R disk)
5. Once uLaunch loads press on file browser
6. Go to to Mass and press
7. Go to FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and press
8. Once free mcboot loads press Normal Install

9. Let the install do its thing.
10. Enjoy free mcboot!

Download uLaunchElf 4.28 and FreeMCboot1.8 Package

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