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No Mod Method


This method will work for both PSX CD-r backups and PS2 CD-r backups. Make sure to use the proper GS disk, disk 1 for ps2 games disk 2 for psx..

Firstly, you have to unclip the front door of the disk drive. Open up the disk tray and turn power off while tray is open.

Step 1: Get 2 small flathead screwdrivers (like the one you get in those micro screwdriver kits)

Step 2: The front of the drawer tray is simply clipped on at each end... So, taking great care, (with the tray open) unclip it with the screwdriver. Take caution! Otherwise you might snap off one of the clips!

Now that you have done that turn on power and we begin…
1) With GS2/AR2 disk and dongle in turn on the power.
2) Select Start Game.
3) Select Without Codes.
4) Now you will be asked to insert the disk. You want to put in your backup. DO NOT press the eject button! Instead perform a knife method described below.

Knife Method:
Step 1: If possible get a small flash light. Shine a light underneath where the disk tray is. With the PS2 in the horizontal position, about a third from right, you will see a white pin.

Step 2: Using a plastic knife slide the pin to the far right. The tray will pop out.

Step 3: Now, put the backup that you wish to play into the disk drive. Push the tray firmly back in and using the knife, make sure the white pin has moved as far left as it can go. Now all that’s left to do is… Press ‘X’ The game should boot. Enjoy

I believe this method will work with dvd backups as well but you would have to be really, really fast using this method. It is very important that while opening the disk tray, swaping the disk and closing the disk tray (using knife method) that this is all done within a few seconds.

1.Insert the GameShark2 CD 1
2.Power off the PS2 for 5 seconds
3.Turn on the machine - will boot to main menu
4. At the GameShark2 main menu press EJECT to open the disc tray then remove the GameShark2 CD and replace it with an original DVD-ROM based PS2 game which has a larger TOC (table of contents) than that of your DVD-R copy(click here for a TOC size database)
5.Close the disc tray by pressing the EJECT button
6.Select GameShark Codes
7.Select "any" game
8.Toggle on or off any code
9.Go back to main menu
10.Select Start Game

Steps 12 - 15 is where you will need to be very quick

12.On next screen press X, as soon as you do this you will see a screen that says saving data or something like that. As soon as you see that preform knife method to eject the disc tray.
13.Swap Original disc with your PS2 backup
14.Close the disk tray using knife method
15.Press X AS SOON as the tray is closed and locked into place
16.The game will now load

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