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Cab Info

Pentium D 3.0 GHz

1 Gig RAM

128 ATI 9600

80 Gig WD Hard Drive

Gigabyte MB

OS: XP Performance ED

MAME - v0.131

MALA Frontend - v1.05a

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Hide XP - Boot directly to your frontend.

I was finally able to hide Windows XP completly. My cab now boots up directly to the Mala frontend with no signs of XP what so ever. After searching Google endlessly I found many bits and peices on how to do some of this stuff but some of the methods were ass backwards or you had to do things you didn't really need to do to accomplish a simple task. I have decided to write up a complete guide on how to do this stuff, the easy way!

Click here for a text guide and video.

Mame Build 2009 - 2010

I've always wanted my own Arcade machine and for years I thought about getting one but they were just to much money. It was around 2000 when I first heard of Mame and what it could do. I was pretty excited, I looked into it further and was amazed that people were actually making there own Arcade machines. Well after years of putting it off I have finally made my own. I decided to go with the cocktail version of the arcade machine because my game room is up in the attic on the 3rd floor and getting a full size Arcade machine up there just isn't going to happen. If your looking into getting a machine of your own you should really consider building one yourself. I spent around $600.00 if you include the PC I already had, to build something that would cost $2000.00 or even more!!
Here is a link to the cocktail table that inspired me to build mine. And this one was very helpful. Now although I did use plans to get a general idea on how big I should make it I went ahead and pretty much went with my own design. You can find cocktail table plans in the links on the left of this page.

100% Complete!!